Intermediate Whitework Ornament

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Cross Stitch Chart
Release date: February, 2001
Stitch count: 40H x 40W
Sample shown: Stitched over-2 on 28-count tea dyed linen from Charles Craft®

Description: A small intermediate-level whitework ornament using various specialty stitches and beads.

Comments by Teresa Wentzler:

Background Information: This ornament was designed several years ago as a teaching piece. It could easily be worked on a different fabric color, perhaps with overdyed fibers for a very different look.

Stitching Comments: Stitch diagrams included are: diamond eyelet, queen stitch, satin stitch, plaited cross stitch, double leviathan stitch, three-sided stitch, plait stitch, hemstitch, knotted clusters, and Rhodes stitch.

Pattern Errors/Corrections: The 3-sided stitch diagram is incorrectly labeled as chain stitch.

Pattern © by TW Designworks. Reproduced with permission from Teresa Wentzler. is not endorsed by TW Designworks.

This is a complimentary chart, which means you may photocopy it. You may stitch it as many times as you'd like. However, since TW Designworks retains ownership of the copyright, you may not sell this chart, or profit from it in any way. It is not permissible to contract production of projects made from designs published by TW Designworks to a third party for sale or distribution.