Spool Santa Claus

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Create a fun Christmas tree ornament using a spool of red thread for Santa's body. It's fun, easy, and each one you make will have a personality all it's own! Add to the collection by creating some of your own variations - how about Mrs. Claus, Reindeer or a few Elves? Make a bunch - they make great holiday gifts.


Coats Dual Duty Plus® All-purpose Thread, 1 large 300 yard spool (Art. 210), red; also thread to hang ornament.

1 1/2" Styrofoam or wooden ball

Moveable eyes

Pom Poms - 3 white 6.5 mm., 1 red 5mm

Chenille Stem - 1 red

Jingle Bell - 1 10mm

Felt scraps: red,black

Polyester fiberfill

Quick drying craft glue or hot glue gun


Width-Bracelet can be made wider by increasing the number of strands of floss. The more strands you use the wider the bracelet will be.

Color-By changing the color of the strands, you can create different designs.

What You Can Make: Ankle bracelets, rings, necklaces, belts and head bands.


Cut one yard of embroidery floss for each color in your bracelet. Arrange the strings in the order you want the colors to alternate in your bracelet.

Tie the strings together with an overhand knot, leaving a 2" tail at the top. Tape it to a table or pin it to your jeans.

Pick up strand A and wrap it over and under strand B to make a knot

Tighten the knot by holding strand B and pulling strand A up.


CUT hat from red felt and feet from black using patterns shown as guides. Cut a 1/4" x 4 1/2" strip from black felt for belt.

GLUE feet to bottom of spool. Glue belt around center, overlapping ends. Glue ball to top for head.

ARMS: Shape a 6" piece of chenille stem around top of spool, under back of head. Glue in place. Shape arms so that they are slightly curved.

FACE & BEARD: Rub a little make-up blush or lipstick on the cheeks of Santa. Glue eyes, red pom pom nose, and fiberfill hair and beard to ball.

HAT: Glue long edges together to form cone. Fold tip down, glue. Glue white pom pom to end of hat. Glue hat to top of hair.

HANDS/BELL: Glue ends of chenille stem to belt, approximately 1/2" apart. Glue bell to center of belt, glue white pom poms on either side of bell.

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