Making Sock Puppets

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No one can resist sock puppets and they're really so easy to make. Besides, who doesn't have some unmatched socks laying around that have had their partner mysteriously disappear? Use them in this fun activity and help your kids make a new friend that is portable too!

Some of the supply ideas for making sock puppets are:

  • Socks, all kinds and colors
  • Yarn
  • Needle & Thread
  • Glue gun
  • Googly eyes
  • Buttons
  • Felt
  • Paint
  • Markers

And of course, the most important thing to have - Imagination!

Use any kind of sock—the more colorful the better. Using a glue gun, attach yarn hair, maybe even a yarn moustache. Stick eyes on, wait till everything is dry and then have a puppet show! Using a cardboard box, you can create a stage where your sock puppets can put on plays. Recreate a scene from one of your favorite cartoons. Use a pink sock and make Patrick, a yellow sock to make Sponge Bob. With a bit of creativity, you can have hours of fun with your sock puppets!