Quick Crochet Stripes LW1491

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Skill Level: Intermediate

Designed by Belinda "Bendy" Carter.

Blanket measures approximately 30" x 37".

RED HEART® "Baby Econo". 7 Ounces No. 1001 White CA, 2 ounces each No. 1802 Baby Blue CB, No. 1722 Lt. Pink CC, No. 1682 Baby Green CD, and 1 ounce No. 1223 Yellow CE.

Crochet Hook: 5mm [US H-8].

Yarn needle.

GAUGE: 16 sts = 5"; 4 rows = 2" in pat. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size hook to obtain the gauge.

To Change Color in SC: Draw up a lp in last st before color change, drop color in use, with next color to be used yo and draw through 2 lps on hook.

NOTE: Blanket is worked from side to side.

With CA, ch 113.

Row 1 (Right Side): Sc in back ridge of 2nd ch from hook and in back ridge of each ch across; turn - 112 sts.

Rows 2 and 3: Ch 3, skip first st, * dc in next st, dc around the post of dc just made, skip next st; rep from * to last st; dc in last st; turn.

Row 4: Ch 1, sc in each st across changing to CB in last st; turn. Cut CA.

Row 5: With CB, ch 1, sc in back lp of each st across; turn.

Rows 6 and 7: Rep Rows 2 and 3.

Row 8: Rep Row 4 changing to CA in last st. Cut CB.

Rep Rows 5-8 in the following color sequence: next 4 rows CA, then 4 rows CC, CA, CD, CA, CE, CA, CC, CA, CB, CA, CD. Work Rows 5-7 using CA.

Next Row: With CA, ch 1, sc in each st across; turn.

Last Row: Sl st in each st across. Fasten off.

BORDER (NOTE: Work border across top and bottom of blanket in ends of rows matching the border colors to the rows being worked across.) With right side facing, attach CA in first sc of the first sc row; ch 1, sc in end of sc row, * [ch 1, tr] 3 times all between the next 2 dc rows, ch 1, sc in end of next sc row changing color as required **, sc in end of next sc row; rep from * across, changing colors as required, end at **. Fasten off.

Rep Border on opposite side. Weave in ends.

ABBREVIATIONS: CA, CB, etc = Color A, Color B, etc; ch = chain; dc = double crochet; lp(s) = loop(s); mm = millimeters; rep = repeat; sc = single crochet; sl st = slip stitch; st(s) = stitch (es); tr = treble crochet; yo = yarn over; * or ** = repeat whatever follows the * or ** as indicated; [ ] = work directions given in brackets the number of times specified.

Pattern © by Coats & Clark Inc. Reproduced with permission from Coats & Clark Inc. PurpleKittyYarns.com is not endorsed by Coats & Clark Inc. It is not permissible to contract production of projects made from designs published by Coats & Clark to a third party for sale or distribution.

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