Sock Patterns eBooks

These vintage pattern books have been digitally restored, recreated as a downloadable pdf file and offered to you at the low price of only $1.49 per book. Download is immediately available to you when payment is received.

Please note: An eBook is an electronic, downloadable book. You will not receive a hard copy in the mail.

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Today, socks of good quality are available to everyone. It takes only the whirr of giant machines and in minutes the socks come off the production line. But handknitted socks bear qualities that can never be duplicated – even by the most highly developed machines. Socks knitted of fine materials and with great care have a sparkle that immediately label them as handmade.

There's a strange elemental kind of satisfaction derived from knitting something as basic as a pair of socks. We no longer live in the kind of world where a woman is judged by her ability to make the clothing worn by her family. Yet, the satisfaction from finishing a pair of handsome, durable socks for a member of the family or a special friend remains the same.

It is impossible to knit socks without having a particular person in mind. The choice of color and pattern and, above all, the sizing makes every pair a custom-made job. Browse the sock patterns available to find the exact pattern that reminds you of that special loved one.