Shawl Patterns eBooks

These vintage pattern books have been digitally restored, recreated as a downloadable pdf file and offered to you at the low price of only $1.49 per book. Download is immediately available to you when payment is received.

Please note: An eBook is an electronic, downloadable book. You will not receive a hard copy in the mail.

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Stoles ... As beautiful as notes in a new song … as soft as sweet music. We have collected a beautiful group of shawl patterns for you to knit, crochet or make with hairpin lace.

Such comfortable wool fashion accessories to wear to the movies, church suppers, Grange meetings, the theater and the senior prom. Here is a collection for daytime and evening wear in easy, knit, crochet and hairpin lace stitches. Mix your colors or match them. Stoles are the fashion and, of course, they look so much prettier if you can say "I made it myself".

We hope you’ll like these shawl patterns.