Afghan Patterns eBooks

These vintage pattern books have been digitally restored, recreated as a downloadable pdf file and offered to you at the low price of only $1.49 per book. Download is immediately available to you when payment is received.

Please note: An eBook is an electronic, downloadable book. You will not receive a hard copy in the mail.

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Give yourself hours of pleasure and your family an heirloom to treasure! These afghan patterns are easy and fun to make and when you've finished, you'll be the proud owner of a colorful conversation piece you and your family will cherish over the years! Choose from stunning, sophisticated modern designs, or new adaptations of traditional colonial motifs. Both are equally beautiful whatever your choice.

Afghans designed for all decors. An afghan of beauty is a joy forever and these afghan patterns have captured exquisite beauty. These afghans prove that those favorite institutions of a family do not have to be kept in a closet because they do not fit into our rooms. Afghans ought to be display pieces, kept out proudly at all time, ready to be used on frosty fall evenings.

Amazing and beautiful vintage afghan patterns remind us of family and the joy of snuggling with something especially made for you!