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Do you have old leaflets and pattern books that are looking for a new home or find a pattern that needs a correction? Contact Us! We'd love to hear from you.

Downloadable ePatterns


If you prefer to have immediate access to your patterns, we have a couple of different types of downloadable patterns available for purchase.

If you're looking for vintage crochet and knitting patterns, as we reproduce vintage pattern leaflets, we publish the patterns on our Free Crochet Pattern and Free Knitting Pattern websites. You can print these patterns directly from the website for free.

Additionally, we've been turning the entire leaflet into a a convenient eBook that is immediately available as a download as soon as payment is received. For only $1.49 each, you can save the entire eBook to your computer's harddrive for easy access anytime you want it.

Browse through the Pattern eBooks we now have. We continue to add new eBooks every time we reproduce a new vintage leaflet.

Partnering with Leisure Arts has enabled us to bring you their collection of Leisure Arts downloadable ePatterns from their previous publications, many of them now out of print and very hard to find, but still much sought after!leisure arts

Founded in 1971, Leisure Arts is one of the world's largest publishers of lifestyle and instructional materials. Through the years, Leisure Arts has published thousands of how-to books, leaflets, magazines, and other publications. was established to give you access to Leisure Arts designs that are not available in print anymore.

Many of the downloadable designs at this site are from publications for which Leisure Arts no longer has inventory in their warehouse. Some downloads are special projects that have never been published in a traditional format. They have made available thousands of patterns from their archives.

Whatever type of project you're looking for and need right away, you're sure to find one available in one of our downloadable options.

free patterns
Hundreds of free patterns available from copyright holders who have given us permission to reproduce them here for you, including Coats & Clark, Teresa Wentzler and Plaid Company. You are free to print and share all of these free patterns as many times as you'd like, but please be respectful of the copyright.

You are not allowed to profit in any way from the use of the patterns published on the Purple Kitty website without express written permission from the copyright holder. Copyright information can be found on each pattern page.


Yes, all of the patterns on this site are from the U.S. So you'll you need to convert them.

I've double checked the original pattern and it's printed as I've reproduced it. The pattern is a Coats & Clark pattern (stated at the bottom of the pattern with a link to the Coats & Clark website). Here is their contact information: You'll need to check with the copyright holder to see if there is a typo in the pattern itself.

I've checked the original patternbook and it appears as published. The only thing I can see in the pattern that is different for small, medium and large looks like the length of the mitten. Otherwise, the mitten itself looks like it's the same size.

While I appreciate your perspective on the issue of the doll patterns, I must respectfully disagree. I reproduce vintage patterns during times in our history (late 1800s through mid 1900s) when some people were not treated equally simply because of the color of their skin (among other reasons). That history is not something that can be changed, as horrific and despicable as it is.

I have no desire to censor what is in the vintage pattern books that I reproduce and will leave it to each of you to choose to work with them or not. These doll patterns are in the public domain and I encourage everyone to experiment or change the patterns however you may see fit - that goes for all of the patterns that I reproduce on the two vintage sites.

You are not the only reader who feels this way about the patterns, however there are readers who told me that the patterns brought back comforting memories and there are other readers who told me that they will change the pattern, quite a few of them on the Purple Kitty Facebook page.

You will notice in your example of Halloween that I did not avoid the topic. I gave my readers a choice, just as I did with the doll patterns, and that is what I will continue to do in the future. I hope you can see this from my perspective. :)

I'm not sure if this is the leaflet you're thinking of, but I've recently reproduced a Knitting Primer with 100 easy-to-knit stitches.