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Please browse around and check out what we've recently added. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates and bookmark us to visit us again. This is the place for all kinds of craft information, free stuff and fantastic deals for all your crafting needs. We add new stuff every week!

Do you have old leaflets and pattern books that are looking for a new home or find a pattern that needs a correction? Contact Us! We'd love to hear from you.

Downloadable ePatterns


If you prefer to have immediate access to your patterns, we have a couple of different types of downloadable patterns available for purchase.

If you're looking for vintage crochet and knitting patterns, as we reproduce vintage pattern leaflets, we publish the patterns on our Free Crochet Pattern and Free Knitting Pattern websites. You can print these patterns directly from the website for free.

Additionally, we've been turning the entire leaflet into a a convenient eBook that is immediately available as a download as soon as payment is received. For only $1.49 each, you can save the entire eBook to your computer's harddrive for easy access anytime you want it.

Browse through the Pattern eBooks we now have. We continue to add new eBooks every time we reproduce a new vintage leaflet.

Partnering with Leisure Arts has enabled us to bring you their collection of Leisure Arts downloadable ePatterns from their previous publications, many of them now out of print and very hard to find, but still much sought after!leisure arts

Founded in 1971, Leisure Arts is one of the world's largest publishers of lifestyle and instructional materials. Through the years, Leisure Arts has published thousands of how-to books, leaflets, magazines, and other publications. was established to give you access to Leisure Arts designs that are not available in print anymore.

Many of the downloadable designs at this site are from publications for which Leisure Arts no longer has inventory in their warehouse. Some downloads are special projects that have never been published in a traditional format. They have made available thousands of patterns from their archives.

Whatever type of project you're looking for and need right away, you're sure to find one available in one of our downloadable options.

free patterns
Hundreds of free patterns available from copyright holders who have given us permission to reproduce them here for you, including Coats & Clark, Teresa Wentzler and Plaid Company. You are free to print and share all of these free patterns as many times as you'd like, but please be respectful of the copyright.

You are not allowed to profit in any way from the use of the patterns published on the Purple Kitty website without express written permission from the copyright holder. Copyright information can be found on each pattern page.


My Italian Grandma started me knitting when I was five! She did everything, crochet, sewing, embroidery, cooking, baking. I will miss her always.
My mother's oldest sister was my teacher when it came to hand sewing, crocheting, and gardening. She had a lot of patience and I was so blessed she was like a grandmother to me with her love. After all these years, I still have the skills and fast fingers like she had and now I can make items that she would have loved.
I love to crochet in the cold winter months! it keeps my lap warm, my hands busy and my mind occupied! thanks!
I have been knitting since age of 10, just turned 67. My aunt and her motherinlaw were my greatest inspiration, Then came another aunt who crocheted bedspreads with fine cotton thread. Never got to make one myself, doilies were my biggest with crochet cotton. Afghans I love they keep you warm while you work and Just love mixing colors and patterns. Alway get compliments and say you can thank Aunt Kate and Nannie for they were the ones who got me started. I try to pass the crafts of knitting and crocheting on to the younger ones, I have even taught classes at local craft store a few years ago. My grandma always said "Idle mind is the devils workshop" so I always have some kind of craft project going, cant just sit need to be doing something while watching tv or just sitting. I wish more younger people would find the relaxation I have from crafting, and take pride in their work when it is done.
I was born in the 80's and a child of the 90's not to mention a huge Tom boy. I first got into knitting when I was in elementary school and my mother struggled to make me "more lady like". I'd much rather spend time watching my father repair the cars every other weekend than craft, however I gave in and learned knitting/sewing/needle point at night. I realized by bonding over knitting my mother was more willing to give me the freedom to do me the rest of the day. I'm no so grateful for my mothers patience and her efforts, thanks to her I have organized a crafting group and started thinking Green with Knitting!
years ago, i had mum's pattern book, not sure of the yarn company. it was a baby book with the baby sitting up on the front with an eyelet pattern border. in that book was a lady's cardigan made with baby fingering, it had a low ribbed yoke and eyelet all over pattern body and sleeves. i can see it in my head but someone stole the books, and i know it's old and never seen one like it again!!! if you have that pattern, could you contact me please, i lose these things. thanks so much, it's thin enough for summer or inside use for me, god bless, love angeilne angeline_gonder at yahoo dot ca
Absolute best place to find the patterns your Mom, Grandmom and Great-Grandmom used!
I have a pattern for a shrug which is calling for this crochet thread. It has been discontinued and I am wondering what an alternative might be. Many thanks.
This is the one site that I have found that puts value in the fiber arts of old. They are reviving a lost art and bring into the present, wonderful artistic crafts from the past. Master minds of the past who created wonderful patterns would be lost if it were not for sites like this. Purple Kitty also has a wonderful newsletter with great ideas and patterns. The wealth of information you can obtain from this site is amazing. I am happy to be a subscriber.
I just LOVE getting emails from Purple Kitty! The memories just start flowing, as I remember watching my mom always knitting or crocheting from some of the same patterns!