Christmas Candy Recipes

Peppermint Brittle

What You Need:

2 lbs. white chocolate
30 small peppermint candy canes

How to Make It:

Line a jellyroll pan with parchment paper or heavy tin foil. In a microwave safe container add the white chocolate and heat on medium in the microwave for about 4-6 minutes. Stop during heating and stir occasionally until the chocolate is smooth and melted.

In a large plastic bag add the candy canes. Using a rolling pin or another similar tool, begin breaking the candy into small pieces. Stir the candy into the melted chocolate and spread in the pan, evenly.

Place in refrigerator for about 60 minutes and then break the candy into pieces.

Holiday Mint Fudge

What You Need:

1 cup granulated sugar
7 ounces marshmallow cream
2 sticks real butter, softened
10 ounces mint chocolate chips or mint chocolate candy chopped
⅔ cup evaporated milk
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Serving Tray Decoration:

Powdered sugar
Mint leaf sprigs

How to Make It:

Line a 9 x 9 x 2-inch pan with foil, grease; set aside. Combine sugar, butter, evaporated milk and marshmallow in large saucepan on medium heat until it boils. Stir constantly. Boil for five minutes. Add mint chocolate and vanilla. Stir until contents are well blended and melted together. Spread into pan. Refrigerate for minimum of 8 hours. Cut into desired size squares. Serve on a plate dusted with powdered sugar and decorated with mint leaves.

Mrs Santa Claus's Favorite Meringue Candy Recipe

This is really a kind of meringue. Before starting to make the candy, it is a good idea to cut twelve small pieces of parchment paper or aluminum foil (about two inches square) and have them ready. When the papers are cut, you are ready to begin making the candy.

What You Need:

1 egg white
⅓ teaspoon vinegar
⅓ teaspoon cream of tartar
½ teaspoon vanilla
⅓ cup granulated sugar
12 nut meats, or 12 pitted dates

How to Make It:

Combine the egg white with the cream of tartar and beat until the mixture will stand in soft peaks. Continue beating, and gradually add the sugar, then the vinegar and vanilla. (Mixture may be colored at this point, if you wish, with five drops of cake coloring.) When the mixture will stand alone in rather stiff peaks, it has been beaten long enough.

Put your twelve pieces of paper on a cookie sheet. Then drop the nut meats, or dates, into the egg mixture, one at a time. When the nut or fruit is thoroughly covered, lift it out with a fork and put it on one of the brown papers. Place the cookie sheet in the oven and bake at a very low heat for one hour.

This confection keeps well and may be made in advance if you want to pack it in boxes of candy for Christmas presents.

Coconut Fudge Balls Recipe

Here is a recipe for some uncooked fudge that is very easy to make. The recipe is small and makes about eight pieces of candy. For a larger amount, the measurements can be doubled.

What You Need:

4 tablespoons powdered sugar
2 teaspoons boiling water
1 tablespoon cocoa
3 drops vanilla
4 tablespoons shredded coconut

How to Make It:

Blend the sugar and cocoa. Add boiling water and stir until smooth. Add vanilla, and coconut. Dust hands lightly with sugar, take ½ teaspoon of the mixture at a time, and roll into balls.

Candied Orange Peel Recipe

candied orange peel recipe

Of course you've eaten oranges since you were a baby, but have you ever tried a candied orange peel recipe prepared like this? Candied orange peel is an especially good thing to add to boxes of assorted candy because its bright color makes an attractive contrast to other kinds of candy.

What You Need:

2 thin-skinned oranges
½ cup sugar
¼ cup water

How to Make It:

Remove peel from oranges, cover with cold water in saucepan. Bring to a boil, and then cook slowly until the orange peel is soft (this takes about 15 minutes). Drain, remove white portions of the skin by scraping gently with spoon. Cut the peel into thin strips.

Dissolve the sugar in the water; boil until it threads from the tip of a spoon. Add orange peel, cook 5 minutes. Drain, and when cool dip each piece in granulated sugar.

Peanut Brittle Recipe

peanut brittle recipe

This peanut brittle recipe may be made with Brazil nuts, pecans, or other nuts besides peanuts. You might even like to try it with puffed rice or puffed wheat.

What You Need:

1 cup sugar
¼ cup shelled peanuts

How to Make It:

Remove skins from peanuts. Chop them up and spread them in a buttered pan. Heat the sugar in a heavy frying pan until it turns to a light brown syrup, stirring constantly. Pour this syrup over the peanuts. When cool, break candy into pieces.

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