Sculptured Squares Pillow and Afghan Knit Patterns

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Number of Designs: 12 different squares to combine into an afghan or pillows
Approximate Design Size: Afghan 48" x 60" and Pillows 12" x 12" each
Designer: Lesley Calaway
Original Publication: Leisure Arts Leaflet #3196, Sculptured Squares
Skill Level: Intermediate
Description: Twelve different easy-to-knit squares combine to make this striking afghan and pillow set. Including such square designs as Tulips, Shadow Box, X Star, Butterfly, Traveling Cable #1, Pansy, Square Dance, Moorish Circle, Gull Cable, 8 Point Flower, Scallops, and Traveling Cable #2, the squares are sure to provide endless design inspiration.
Product Type: Digital Download

Original Publication: Sculptured Squares

Item # 3196
Publisher: Leisure Arts (2000)

Twelve easy-to-knit squares combine to make a beautiful afghan.