Pineapple Perfection Doily Thread Crochet Pattern

Number of Designs: 1 Doily
Approximate Design Size: 17" diameter
Designer: Delsie Rhoades
Original Publication: Crochet With Heart magazine, October 1997 issue
Skill Level: Intermediate 
Description: Featuring a design of pineapples within pineapples, this gorgeous doily is a nice variation on a traditional crochet favorite. It's also a perfect pattern for needleworkers who have a soft spot in their hearts for this enduring motif. Our design is crocheted using size 10 bedspread weight cotton thread and a size 7 (1.65 mm) steel crochet hook. 
Product Type: Digital Download

Original Publication: Crochet With Heart Magazine, October 1997 issue

Publisher: Leisure Arts Inc (1997)

Red Heart Yarns, Volume 2 Number 4