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Your input is very important to us. It helps us shape the website the way you, our valued members, want it. With your input, we'll work to bring you the kinds of patterns that you are most interested in.

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I liked all your patterns and designs. Actually I creates designs of shirts, I wanted more designs of it. I liked those designs and they are useful in cuff links designs.

I'm very thankful that you've taken the time & energy to create these three wonderul Purple Kitty Sites, I was wondering if you'll be able to reproduce, anymore of the crochet dresses/skirts for woman, more bedspread patterns, granted I can knit but I prefer crochet I've done it longer & able to handle one hook verses two or more needles to create the same item. So old homefashion decor items like draftdodgers other than the traditional & easy snake. Love all that you've provided, easier than having to find more storage space.
Love the patterns and especially the recent mens sweater. I cannot figure out the sizes of the needles/hooks and the patterns. When you reproduce the patterns could you also specify the sizes and mentioned above?